The Co-Operative Mutual Self-Interest Movement; The Freedumb Party

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April 25, 2014 by mememine69



The FreeDumb Party


The Co-operative Mutual Self-Interest Movement

Our Election Promises so far. (in no particular order)

-Ban “banning” products and activities just to raise awareness for someone else’s lifestyle.

-Ban the word Green altogether.

-Deport any and all public and elected officials of trust who defraud our taxes.

-Contract out everything.

-Remove all bike lanes.

-Public Transit; Why should we pay for someone’s transportation just because they are poor?

-Drug tests for anyone on public assistance and ban drug testing for working people other than the obvious positions of “pilots” , train engineers etc. will be eliminated. We don’t want to be total jerks.

-“Equal rights” does not mean more rights for Quecbecers and Natives and special privileges and all their privileges will be eliminated.

-Stop hiring based on skin colour and gender.

-Pump as much money as possible into helping our local small to medium businesses so they can succeed as a healthy economy solves everything.

-All user fees will be eliminated.

-Wedding licenses will be free.

-Change Black History Month to; Africian Canadian History Month and make it illegal for Asians to have a “Yellow History Month”.


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