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February 20, 2017 by mememine69

In my next life I want to come back as a woman just to see what’s like to have everything handed to me. 
Look at it this way; a baby girl is born, coddled, spoiled, rarely spanked and told at a very young age that ALL boys are naturally violent and must never ever touch or hit a girl. Never mind the fact that when she’s all grownup and married she can slap her husband the first time he says; “Yer mother’s a bitch!”.
And all through school she is given “Girl’s Confidence Days” and extra help in math and computers and “especially” science and why, just because she’s a girl. She then passes the boys in marks and is encouraged to join pro feminist marches disguised as; “marches against male violence”.
And when she gets to university she is sheltered and protected in her own faculty in her very own course of study; woman’s studies. And while at the university, the Meca and birth place of all political correctness, guys can’t look at her the wrong way for fear she will have them charged with leering, or stalking or bullying or harassment. And in the morning, when that guy she brought home last night is rude or indifferent or doesn’t have the BMW convertible after all, she can legally call 911 and say “he touched me” and he is in jail for 24 hours without any charges for him or consequences for her. Don’t believe me? I’m exaggerating? Just ask any lawyer who’s been woken up in the middle of the night.
She then gets a job thanks to pay equity and affirmative action and a lot of times actually makes more money than a man because it’s said at the time that; “the position we feel is best suited to be filled by a woman”. And still she claims to be marginalized. Or as Gloria Steinman said; “Every woman is qualified.”
She then marries this pathetic emasculated pussy of a man; a product of the sick liberal education system and has his kids. Then she divorces him and takes his kids, his home, his car, his savings and fifty percent of his pension. At this point she can continue to work (purely an option now) and if she does keep working she now requalifies to put less into the pension and retire earlier and even collect 90 percent of her ex-husband’s pension if he dies and that is entirely likely because statistically she lives longer than a man!
In my next life I want to come back as a woman just to see what it’s like to have everything fucking handed to me.                               

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