Jesus Walks Into A Bar….

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May 15, 2017 by mememine69


 The Christian “Pro Life” issue makes conservatism’s quest for personal liberty just a religious movement not a political movement. It’s because groups of people only have freedoms, but only people can have “liberty” and it’s no longer “liberty” when you surrender it to anyone or any God.

So let’s put Jesus back with the people where he came from and out of the government’s abusive hands out of the courts, sports and schools. 
However, keep in mind that Islam is pro life, anti assimilation, pro capital punishment, anti evolution, anti gay, anti LGBT, anti secular, anti atheist, anti feminism, anti pot and anti porn, and they don’t even like beer or hot-dogs for heavens sake. Just sayin.
But let me make this perfectly clear; I don’t mind the forced hair coverings, and the moustaches, on Muslim women, but I do mind how they treat gays. It just ain’t right.

Don’t feel special liberals, you don’t get off the hook here because liberalism “IS” religion itself since all liberalism is about is just blindly “MOVING FORWARD” like the walking dead in any direction without any goals or destinations. Just this ape-like faith that out there somewhere is the liberal Utopia (heaven) of peace and love and understanding and tolerance and inclusiveness and acceptance.

In other words, you know you are a liberal when you are against more than you are for and conservatives are just the herd mentality gene in our DNA that is keeping us hanging in the trees.

Reason, not religion.


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