Criticizing ANY religion is a Human Right

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September 6, 2017 by mememine69


West Virginia U.S.A

This here stuff about Muslims is a delicate issue so let me be perfectly clear when I say that I’ve got nothin against the headscarfs, the sideburns or the mustaches,,,, on Muslim women, but I do mind how they treat gays. It just ain’t right.

And besides, they don’t drink beer or line dance or smoke doobies. Hell, they don’t even like Beagles or good old American hotdogs.

So if you libtards are not going to tell them Muslims to be inclusive of gays, LGBTs and woman’s rights then stop telling us conservatives to be. Ok?

*When you idiots finally make everything bigoted or racist then nothing will be anymore.*

Criticizing any religion for any reason isn’t a hate crime, it’s a god given Human right especially ones that will never say they are as inclusive as you tell Republicans to be. Nows eyes gots some moonshine ta make.

Peace and Love,



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