My Original (of course) Muslim Jokes

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November 2, 2017 by mememine69

Muslim Jokes
-What’s the likelihood of getting diversity loving progressive democrat liberals to tell Muslims to be as inclusive of gays, LGBT s and feminism as they tell everyone else to be? How about as likely as getting Muslims to sing Christmas carols for us in Yiddish on St. Patrick’s day during Rammydam in a McDonald’s parking lot just before Bacon Fest.

-Ford’s new Muslim car doesn’t have any make up mirrors.

-What’s the first thing you do before whispering a Muslim joke to someone? You carefully look over your shoulders first.

-What’s the difference between Iraq and Syria? Germany.

-In Canada Muslims are allowed to harvest poppies, except on Remembrance Day.

-My lawn sign; “Stop Blowin Shit Up” (in Arabic)

-I got nothing against the head scarves and moustaches, on Muslim women. But I do mind how they treat gays.

-Would Rosa Parks sit at the back of a Mosque?

-Canada and European Union countries pay the expenses for immigrants to return to their homelands twice a year for vacations. God help me I wish I was kidding!!!



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